Festival Team:



Natalie made her first experiences in the film world as an actress at a young age and started focusing on writing and directing her own films after her acting studies. She has experimented intensely with different film genres & other forms of media in the last couple of years and gained experience in all fields of film production. In the meantime Natalie’s films have been shown and awarded at numerous international film festivals. Besides her film career, Natalie works as a translator, language coach and marketing manager. In 2017, she founded the “Female Filmmakers Festival Berlin”.

(languages: German/English/Spanish/Italian)





Lara Celenza Co-Founder of the Festival

Film Selection/ Organisation/FUNding/PR

Lara is a director, writer, filmmaker and producer with her own production company called "Kalifilm Productions". She produces & directs cutting-edge films and music videos for international artists and also works as a successful photographer. Being an entrepreneur in the film world herself, Lara knows how to create funding and marketing strategies for films and music videos. 

(languages: Italian/English/Russian)



Nici Brückner- PR/Organisation/Film Selection/ Guest Management

After having her own fashion business, Nici studied film in Australia and has been working in film production ever since. She is writing, producing, directing and has worked on a number of film productions, Short, Kids TV Pilot, Music Videos and Feature Films. Nici is currently writing and producing her own short and feature films as well as collaborating with other filmmakers. 

(languages: English/German)





Beatriz Martínez González- Organisation/PR/Film Selection/ Guest Management

Beatriz studied film in Spain and Italy and gained experience in all fields of production. She speaks different languages and has become an experienced language teacher with her own business. After having worked at several film festivals herself, Beatriz is now ready to set up the one and only "Female Filmmakers Film Festival" in Berlin. 

(languages: Spanish/English/Italian/German)


Aviv Maoz- Film Selection/Guest Management/PR/OrGanisation

Aviv is an independent artist based in Berlin and regularly has her own photography exhibitions and installations. A couple of years ago, she founded a creative collective called "Undercut Art" and organised the film event "Queerly Unframed" in Berlin.

(languages: English/Italian/Hebrew)



Juliette Müller- Guest Management/PR/Organisation

Juliette has experience in the business as well as the creative world. Having studied business and economics internationally, Juliette has been working in big companies like "Hey Car", "Bayer" and is an intercultural coach for young adults. Apart from that, she has been part of the "Berlinale" team, which makes her a perfect fit for our festival!

(languages: French/German/English)



Giorgia Console- Film Selection

Giorgia studied film in Italy and has joined our team recently to help us to select the best quality films.


(languages: Italian/English)

Sylvia Pollow- GUest Management

After having had her own business for several years, Sylvia has gained a lot of experience in the field of event organisation, marketing as well as film production. Apart from that Sylvia also works as a presenter and is a passionate singer. She knows Berlin better than everyone else, because she is a real Berliner. 

(languages: German/English)



We are still looking for collaborators and sponsors- get in touch if you are interested and become a part of our Female Filmmakers world!