About the Festival

The “Female Filmmakers Festival Berlin” (FFFB) is a brand new annual five day film event featuring screenings of international short films & feature films of all genres as well as a hand-picked selection of music videos. Panels, networking sessions and discussions about recent topics will complete the program. It will take place for the first time from June 13-17, 2019 in Berlin.

The Female Filmmakers Festival Berlin (FFFB) was created to support up and coming female talents from different ethnic backgrounds and nationalities, who have a unique story to tell.

Our festival highlights and celebrates women in key, principle positions in filmmaking. Whether it be a producer, director, cinematographer, writer, or lead editor. This is why it is called “Female Filmmakers Festival”.

We have a broad audience and one of our main goals is to connect people no matter which gender, ethnicity or background they may have. Everybody is welcome! The FFFB gives its audience the opportunity to see great independent films that they normally would not have access to.

Although, it is an international film festival, showcasing films from all over the world, every year two countries will be in focus, which means a special section will be dedicated to productions from these two countries. In our first edition, our focus will be Ireland and Spain.

All films will be screened in Germany's oldest cinema "Moviemento"


CONTACT: fffb.team@gmail.com

CONTACT: fffb.team@gmail.com