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IRELAND IN FOCUS- JUNE 15th, 19.30 at Kino Moviemento

Is ait an mac an saol (Life is Strange) - Irish Special

Éire - like you've never seen it before. 

A hand-picked selection of Irish films that defy the stereotypes of Irish culture with a taste for the quirky, the humorous and the bizarre. If you're a fan of "Withnail and I", you're going to love the closing feature! 

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“Skin Hunger”- Elena Horgan- Ireland- 5 min- by Elena Horgan

Skin Hunger is an experimental short exploring touch and intimacy in modern society.

"Skin Hunger" is a term used by psychologists for the desire for physical contact with another person. It may be the longing for an embrace, or the need for connection that can't be met with words, a call, a text or even video chat.

As we have become increasingly focused on communication and connection digitally, we are neglecting our primal need for physical 

“Jass”- Meg Elwood- Ireland - 13 min

Animals are being hunted out and killed by humans who fear they are becoming too intelligent and now pose a threat to mankind. Huebert, using the guise of an 'ANIMALS OUT' officer, smuggles animals to safety. Dan, Huebert’s brother, who works for the 'ANIMALS OUT' task force, poses the biggest threat to Huebert as he grows suspicious of Huebert’s actions. Huebert put his life in danger when he finds a small fox cub, Jass, who is in need of rescuing. Hiding Jass away in his home right under the nose of Dan, Huebert must act fast if he is to find a safe place for Jass and keep his brother from finding his secret.

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“SPA Weekend”- Maureen O’Connell- Ireland- 1h 13min

After living in London for 5 years, actress Jo Murphy is back in Dublin.  Everyone expected her to make it. She expected to make it. But, she's back in Dublin trying to hide the fact she lives at home with her Mother and is working back at her old greasy cinema, Cine-Lux with her slime-ball manager.  Jo has outgrown her old friends- or have they outgrown her?

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SPAIN IN FOCUS, JUNE 14th, 19.30 at Kino Moviemento

Cuerpo Emocional (Emotional Body) - Spanish Special

The Times Are Changing

Our bodies host our consciousness, our thoughts and our emotions. For centuries, the patriarchy has enforced strict rules on our bodies. Three cinematic gems from Spain investigate the delicate themes of organ donation, polyamory and motherhood. 

Patchwork”- Maria Manero Muro -Spain- 8 min

“Patchwork” is the story of Loly, a person who needed a new liver because hers get broken.

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“Canned”- Mireia Pozo - Spain- 16 min

“Canned” (orig. “Conservas”) tells the situation of Paula, a restless girl who wants to propose to have an open relationship to Guille, her boyfriend. But along the way, jealousy, doubts and the desire for another person will make it not so easy.

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“Mater Amatísima”- Maria Ruido - Spain- 54 min

States urge us to reproduce, from children to the family model itself. They control our fecundity and its products, but at the same time, they leave us alone with our children, closed in the domestic space while parenting is framed as something strictly intimate. 

Although being a mother is a rich, complex experience, oftentimes infused with tensions and even disappointments, generated precisely by unrealistic expectations, the mythical motherhood designed by the patriarchal system is naturalized as the impulse of female humans and is presented a relationship without conflicts or contradictions.