(All films are shown in their original language with English subtitles)

During the whole festival everybody is welcome to visit an exclusive exhibition curated by the Berlin based female artist collective “Ri’Baund”- free entrance!


Das Unheimliche – HaAlbeity: notions of home and identity

For its debut exhibition, Ri' Baund has decided to address the issue that initiated the assemblage of the group itself – identity in a foreign country. Regarding the notion of the uncanny as a starting point, the artists will review the matter from their own, personal point of view, acknowledging their status in Germany as foreigners and women, as well as the familiar-unfamiliar feeling this status generates. While some group members emphasize the ties they had left behind, others chose to depict the relationships they have formed in Germany. Other works examine the female* or Israeli-expat's identity in Germany, regarding concepts of language and culture.


Thursday, June 13th, 2019


Winner of “Berlinale Timeout”- Girl Fact- Maël G. Lagadec -France- 16:48min

In the east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, rape has been used as a weapon of war for more than 15 years. Martha writes a teenage girl’s guide to surviving sex slavery.

Opening Film- “Left On Pearl”- Susan Rivo- USA- 55min

In 1971 classified ads for employment were still segregated by gender, battered women's shelters did not exist, abortion was illegal, and married women couldn’t open a bank account without their husbands’ permission. LEFT ON PEARL is about the movement that changed all that. 



SHORT FILMS “Girls Interrupted”

... and they lived happily ever after. Only they didn't.

A selection of daring, touching and intriguing short films on mental health, highlighting the art and craft our badass female filmmakers use to tackle extremely sensitive themes such as domestic and sexual abuse, terminal illness, chronic anxiety, clinical depression, sexual dysfunction and suicide.

Panic Attack - Eileen O'Meara -USA - 3 min

Stripped off - Ksania Mariash & Tamar Rubinstein- Israel - 5 min

Dog Years - Tyler Russell- USA - 5 min

Sink - Cloudy Rhodes- Australia - 3 min

Red Tale - Natacha Thomas- France - 5 min

Vous - Pari Antoniou- Greece - 8 min

Lavender - Meg Duncan- Australia - 10 min

Tongue - Adriana Martins da Silva- Portugal - 23 min

13.6._session2_9.15pm_GIRLS INTERRUPTED.jpg

Friday, June 14th, 2019


She & The Matrix - Women, VR & Video Games

A panel of female experts from the VR and gaming industries sheds light on the exciting new developments in Virtual Reality, immersive content and interactive narratives - with a special focus on gender equality and the role of women in this ever-expanding arena. 


Ioulia Isserlis - CEO/Creative Producer at AnotherWorld VR 

Mascha Camino - Mascha Camino - Game Designer at Maschinen-Mensch / Project Management of Womenize! at Booster Space

The panel will be moderated by Sandra Wheeler.

Sandra Wheeler, Founder & Managing Director Set Fire to Digital Media GmbH

Sandra began her journey in tech with a few lines of HTML the same year Google was founded. Since then she has worked internationally with both multinationals and start-ups spanning a variety of industries. What still fascinates her the most after all these years is how user behaviours are shaped and changed by new & emerging technologies such as VR and how those alter the way we consume information.



Kaleidoscope - Experimental Video Art & Music Videos
A mind-bending marathon of visionary experimental films and unconventional music videos that will leave you wide-eyed and hungry for more. Your inner explorer will frolic in delight as we cross the border of the three-act structure and step into the deep unknown. 

165708- Josephine Massarella- Canada- 7min

Slam Bang Blue- Zeina Barakeh- USA- 7:10

Egomorphosis- Elina Maligina- Latvia- 15 min

Every Day- Sara Nanna- Denmark-12: 20min

Music Videos:

“E”- Germany- Anna Malina Zemlianski- 2:21min

“Jonathan I can’t tell you”-Catarina Neves Ricci- Portugal- 5:00min

“Creatrincos Velve”- Winona Regan-USA-4:37min

“How can I tell you”-Barbara Creutz- France- 4:25min

“Dark Rider”- Gloria Endres de Oliveira- Germany- 4:37min

“Happy”- Gaia Alari- Italy- 5:11min

“Echo love”-Karla Hajman, Alex Klebe- Germany- 5:31min

“Goldfish Memory”- Lara Celenza- Novi Music- Germany/Italy- 3:28 min (Out of competition)



Cuerpo Emocional (Emotional Body) - Spanish Special

The Times Are Changing

Our bodies host our consciousness, our thoughts and our emotions. For centuries, the patriarchy has enforced strict rules on our bodies. Three cinematic gems from Spain investigate the delicate themes of organ donation, polyamory and motherhood. 

“Los tiempos cambian”

Nuestros cuerpos albergan nuestra consciencia, pensamientos y emociones, pero durante siglos el patriarcado ha impuesto normas estrictas sobre él. Estas tres joyas cinematográficas españolas realizan una investigación sobre delicados temas como la donación de órganos, el poliamor y la maternidad.

Patchwork”- Maria Manero Muro -Spain- 8 min

“Canned”- Mireia Pozo - Spain- 16 min

“Mater Amatísima”- Maria Ruido - Spain- 54 min



Short Films“Self discovery”

Omnia mutantur- Everything changes, nothing perishes
Deeply embedded in the very structure of the Universe, Change is an inevitable force to be reckoned with. A selection of short films around the concept of death - both in its literal meaning and as a metaphor for loss and impermanence. 

Eternal Resonance- Solovieva Indira- France - 8 min

A Portrait of a Beautiful Woman - Yula Gidron- Israel - 20 min

The Importance of Sex Education - L. Elizabeth Powers- USA-15 min

Mr Ahmadi & A Simple Journey - Sara Saghari- Iran - 13 min

Take a Deep Breath -Zahra Safdari Shadloo- Iran - 4 min

What do They Want - Laurent Annoni- Switzerland - 5 min


SATURDAY, June 15th


Is there a Doc in the House? - Documentary Programme

She is a Fighter.

Women who refuse to hide and reject their Native American heritage. Women who fight for their rights after leaving the ultra-orthodox community. Women who research unwanted pregnancies caused by violence and sexual abuse.

Censored Heritage - Britt Tully/Sara Braun- USA - 3 min

EXIT - Katharina Woll- Israel- 23 min

Let Women Choose - Xiana Yago- Ecuador- 60min



“The Astronauts Bodies”- Alisa Berger- Germany- 1h 14min

When his two mature children Anton (19) and Linda(19) start leaving the house, as they just have graduated from school, father Michael(55) stops taking care of his body as a protest. His son Anton takes part in a bed-rest-study to contribute to space-travelling, while his sister Linda is in search of her first love and is drawn to a young man, who seems to have similar problems like her father.



Is ait an mac an saol (Life is Strange) - Irish Special

Éire - like you've never seen it before. 

A hand-picked selection of Irish films that defy the stereotypes of Irish culture with a taste for the quirky, the humorous and the bizarre. If you're a fan of "Withnail and I", you're going to love the closing feature! 

“Skin Hunger”- Elena Horgan- Ireland- 5 min

“Jass”- Meg Elwood- Ireland - 13 min

“SPA Weekend”- Maureen O’Connell- Ireland- 1h 13min



“The River Within”- Ivan Botha- South Africa- 1h 46min

In “The River Within” we meet five women who are all drowning in the rough waters of their own realities. For individual reasons, these women end up together on ‘Adventure Therapy’ on the Orange River for a river-rafting trip. During this adventure, their raft is swept away and their guide is lost in the terrifying water. The women are left to their own devices to survive in the wilderness, unaware of the fact that their own realities and life experiences have already prepared them for the challenges ahead. But will that be enough?

“The River Within” is an adventure film about self-discovery, self-acceptance, forgiveness and healing .

15.06._session4_9.30pm_The River_within.jpg

SUNDAY, June 16th, 2019


“Transmodernity”- Luisa Dahringer, Halea Isabelle Kala- Germany- 1h 37min

The experimental documentary film TRANSMODERNITY raises the question of how reality can be possible in a different way - and seeks out positive blueprints for our present and future. It is a portrait of our time and its currents, created by a mosaic of ten different change-makers and their projects across Europe. It becomes apparent that every single one of us has the power to contribute to this transformation, in which values such as solidarity, sustainability and spirituality without the dogma are encouraged - by starting from our imagination.



Short Films: “Rebel Rebel- Women who do not conform to stereotypes”

She's the one who knocks. A selection of short films about courage from all over the planet: Brazil, Russia, Costa Rica, Afghanistan, India and the UK. Fiery women who leave abusive marriages despite the stigmas of society, break out of jail after being unjustly imprisoned, defy the patriarchy and religious fanaticism, own their sexuality to the full and take charge of their life.

Supernova - Laís Sambugaro- Brazil - 3 min

Next - Elena Brodach- Russia - 7 min

Elena - Ayerim Villanueva- Costa Rica - 20 min

The Red Bicycle - Fazila Amiri- Afghanistan - 11 min

Counterfeit Kunkoo -Reema Sengupta- India - 15 min

Disconnect - Oisin Byrne- UK - 16 min



“Goalposts & Lipsticks Vol. 2”- Umi Salwana Omar- Malaysia- 1h 46min

Zakiah (Zak) and Zakiah (Yaya) are two self-centered University students with the same name but very different personalities. One a conservative muslim who is famous on instagram and the other a liberal muslim with a love of fashion. After a public brawl in the prayer room, the girls face disciplinary action by the university which means hours of community work to set a good example. They volunteer at a troubled teenage girls home run by Jijie. Zak and Yaya proceed to carry out their obligatory punishment but realise its not as easy as they think. Can they set aside their mobile phones and prejudices to really be useful to Jijie and the teenage girls or will they make matters worse by being there?



Short Films: “Contre-jour”
From the ridiculous to the sublime
The beauty of life expresses itself through the spectrum of contrast: the light and the dark, intimacy and disconnection, love and fear. These charming short films create a prism of different perspectives on womanhood, family, sexuality and spirituality - from laughter to tears, painted with life's boldest colors.

Soulcash- Elīna Maligina- Latvia- 15min

Heather Has Four Moms- Jeanette Buck- USA- 14:08 min

Dahlia- Ana Mouyis- USA- 4:21

Apnoe:- Nicola Stephanie Sangs- Belgium- 8:56min

Mongolia Earth & Spirit- Liz Daggett Matar- Mongolia- 26:26min


MONDAY, June 17th, 2019


“Multiverse- What is real"?”
Subjective perception makes it so that everyone of us lives in their own parallel universe and the same experience can affect different people in radically different ways. Two intriguing films deconstruct the meaning of life and death with the dedicated curiosity of a quantum physicist.

Reconstructing Reality - Alice Wong- Netherlands - 11 min

Time to Read Poems - Soojung Lee- South Korea 1h 14 min



Short Films: “Decisions, Decisions- women facing key life decisions”

It's a dirty job but somebody's gotta do it
What if you had to sacrifice your personal integrity for the sake of your family? Or leave your country and all your memories behind to save your relationship? Four compelling short films about women at crossroads facing key life decisions. 

Nadia’s Visa - Hanadi Elyan- Jordan - 18 min

Chuckwalla - Korinna Krauss- Greece - 24 min

An Autobiography - Mari Mantela- Finland - 30 min

Asylum Park - Shanu Sharma- India - 20 min

“Flame Girl”- Vicky De Bruyne- Blake Day- Belgium/Germany- 05:02min (Out of competition)



A Thousand Pieces- Véronique Meriadec- France- 1h 22min

Twenty-five years after the assassination of her son Olivier in 1977, Nicole Parmentier decides to meet with Eric Gaubert who has just been released from jail after having served his time for these crimes. 
An explosive encounter behind closed doors between two damaged and fragile protagonists that destiny has forced together. 



—-Awards ceremony—-

“Unveil your inner diva” and come dressed in your best film diva outfit

We are happy to entertain you until the very end of our festival and are happy to announce that our award show is going to be presented by the amazing Marisa Llamas! Get ready for some fun and let's enjoy the last evening together!

Marisa is a comedian and actor based in Berlin, she performs improv and more every week at Comedy Café in Neukölln. She's studied and performed internationally including UCB's Del Close Marathon in New York, and the Slapdash Festival in London. Best known for her expressive face she is considering changing her LinkedIn title to "Face Contortionist." You can see her facial acrobatics and killer eye for costumes @llamedycentral where she posts a new oddball everyday.