FFFB PROGRAM, Sunday- June 16th

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14.30: Transmodernity
Luisa Dahringer, Halea Isabelle Kala- Germany- 1h 37min

The experimental documentary film TRANSMODERNITY raises the question of how reality can be possible in a different way - and seeks out positive blueprints for our present and future.

17.00: Short Film Program "Rebel Rebel- Women who do not conform stereotypes"

19.00: "Goalposts & Lipsticks Vol. 2"- Malaysia (1 hour 46min)

One a conservative muslim who is famous on instagram and the other a liberal muslim with a love of fashion. After a public brawl in the prayer room, the girls face disciplinary action by the university which means hours of community work to set a good example.

21.45: Short Film Program "Contre-Jour"- From the ridiculous to the 



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