by Xiana Yago

María, a Spanish physician, works in a Maternity Hospital in the Ecuadorian rainforest. She investigates about 
adolescent and unintended pregnancies. At the hospital, María meets Yanina, a mother of two, who has to work hard in order to maintain her family, as she is married to a not very present husband. Yanina gets pregnant unintentionally, and she decides to have an abortion. However, since abortion is illegal in Ecuador, Yanina won’t be able to purchase any abortion pills at the pharmacy, so she decides to use some traditional herbs for abortion. 

When Yanina starts bleeding at home, she is very frightened and decides to go to the hospital. Gina the obstetrician explains to María that, although abortion is illegal in the country, many doctors take advantage of this situation performing abortions in hidden clinics. 

While interviewing youngsters at comprehensive schools, María meets Mishell, a teenager who unexpectedly explains that her biological father sexually abused her when she was ten. María wants to help Mishell to report it to the police, but her mother is afraid of denouncing her ex-husband. However, Mishell and her mother Flor will go ahead. Maria concludes her research and understands that in Ecuadorian families, behind adolescent and unwanted pregnancies often hide violence and sexual abuse.


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Natalie MacMahon